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What to expect at Little Sing

My niece Anna wanted to see all the props and instruments that I use in a Little Sing Session, so we got everything out and my brother Willie took a photo.

Anna investigates the props and instruments!   

Anna investigates the props and instruments!


What happens at a Little Sing session…..


The children and adults sit in a circle on big cushions made by my Mum. When everyone is comfortable and settled we talk about The Magic Line, where the carpet ends and the wooden floor begins, this creates a boundary between the performance space and the participants space. 

We always kick off with familiar songs, I pull props out of the hamper and encourage everyone to sing along. The children who come every week soon learn to predict what’s coming next and their singing confidence grows. There are a few originals in there too, a song about the seasons and a caterpillar changing into a butterfly. I always play my violin and then we finish the first half with a piano accompanied version of Puff the Magic Dragon – one of my favourites.

 The hamper of toys and basket of books entices investigation, and everything is pulled out onto the carpet during the break. I serve freshly brewed tea, coffee, biscuits, oatcakes and water. Everyone has a chance to socialise and get to know one another.

After a quick tidy we get back to singing, starting with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Incy Wincy Spider. Time is Moving On – a song I wrote for my teenage son, has become a favourite and parents tell me that they sing it to their children when they’re rushing out the door! Towards the end of the second half we take out the instruments, maracas, mini tambourines, shakers and rain sticks. Little sing finishes with a relaxing lullaby.


To book a Little Sing session please go to or call me on 07788487447.

I hope to see you there for singing fun!!