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First Week

Little Sing is a brand new music and singing group for adults and children under 5. It’s been running for a week and it’s been wonderful! With well known nursery rhymes and some of my own songs, “Ringo the Flamingo” is a particular favourite. Here’s a picture of Ringo!

Ringo the Flamingo sitting on a vintage casio beside a ukulele!!

Ringo the Flamingo sitting on a vintage casio beside a ukulele!!


It all happens in my cosy living room, the music and singing is live (of course) and everyone joins in! I play a few instruments and it's always a pleasure to share. Half way through we have a coffee / tea / water / biscuit break, I bring out a big hamper of toys for the children to investigate and the grown ups have a good old chat! The children play jingle jangle shaky instruments towards the end of the second half, all good musical fun.

Little sing wouldn’t have come to fruition without the help and support of some very special people: Gill Bowman who runs Song Circle in the Skylark Café in Stockbridge has been so encouraging and has given me loads of help and advice. My good friend Mary Wormell designed the wonderful Little Sing logo. And my mother, who is brilliant with a sewing machine, came all the way down from the Highlands with beautiful curtains and cushions which she made herself. Thank you!!

You can sign up for little sing here or if you want to just drop in then please send me a text, it’s free to new comers. My name is Claire and my number is 07788487447. It runs every week day between 10.30am and 11.30am.

So come along to Little Sing because singing is good for you, and I’ll talk more about that in my next blog post!!!

I hope to see you soon. 😊 😊